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Bass Fishing at Baccarac

Baccarac!! The Legendary Big Bass Lake, South of the Border in Old Mexico. For 30 years Baccarac has been producing huge bass. Baccarac is probably the only lake in the world where a fisherman has a real chance at catching a bass over 13 pounds on any given day. The official lake record is 19.10 pounds but there are reports of fish over 20 pounds that were found in the local tilapia fishermen nets and others reported some Grande Bass found floating with a tilapia stuck in their throat. The numbers of fish in the 8 plus category is astounding. Fly into Los Mochis or Culican and then we will pick you up at the airport for the scenic drive to the lodge. Everything is included except for airfare and tips. Join us on this 33.000 acre jewell in the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains for the bass fishing trip of a lifetime.

About Lake Baccarac

Lake Baccarac is known throughout the bass fishing world as the best lake for the opportunity to catch a bass over 13 pounds. Double digit bass are plentiful but you have a real opportunity to catch a bass over 13 pounds. Lake Baccarac is a 35,000 acre impoundment on the Sinaloa river about 2 and a half hours away from Los Mochis by motor vehicle

Lake Baccarac Fishing

Baccarac provides a fishery where large numbers of bass can be caught but the real lure of this lake is the opportunity for monster bass. We have a very nice lodge with great food provided. Beer, soft drinks and water are all provided free with your package.


Lake Baccarac Fishing Packages

  • $1499 for 4 nights & 3 days of fishing
  • $275 per extra day
  • $175 per extra half day
  • $110 per non fishing guest per day

Tipping Policy

$25 per fisherman per day for guides

$30 per day for staff, which includes cooks, maids, men that handle boats etc.

$10 each way to and from the airport

Ready for the bass fishing adventure of a lifetime?

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